Custom Project Services

Custom Rig Projects

We have extensive experience in supplying and servicing spars and hardware from the leading companies in the world.

Our team installs all masts, booms, spinnaker pools and hardware with exclusive specialization and guarantees the proper function of the same to suit boats of any size, including dinghies and day sailors.

If you are considering self-building of a yacht, we have experience to assist you in making the best choice of spars and to ensure that you are able to cruise or race safely and efficiently.

Custom Keel Projects

We have know-how, experience, technology and capacity for keels making for your commercial or individual boat project.

Custom Wire & Hanging Fabric Structures   

Whether it’s an event, a trade fair, an exhibition, a circus playground, a project for a club or open space, we provide customized solutions from the concept to the final construction and implementation.

We use the most extensive range of stainless steel wire fittings available, and a wide range of rod rigging components. The high quality stainless steel products and components, is widely used in the industrial sectors mentioned above.

The key factors for us are the innovative design, low weight and optimal strength of the structures we design and provide.

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